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Severe weather is no stranger to the Brazos River Basin. In the last 10 years, Central Texas has experienced thousands of severe thunderstorms, hundreds of tornados and numerous hurricanes, even ice storms – ALL with devastating power outages.

Unfortunately, dealing with power outages has become, for many, a routine occurrence. The loss of power can make you feel vulnerable and unsafe, and the damage to or loss of property can be financially draining.

With the installation of an automatic home standby generator by Brazos Country Electric, you can feel safe and secure. Whether you are home or away, a home generator will transfer power to key circuits in your home during an outage – protecting your family, saving you money and making your worries a thing of the past.

At Brazos Country Electric, we can provide you a customized generator solution that best suits your individual needs. We specialize in turn-key installations for permanently installed automatic residential generator systems

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