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Two if by sea...(WATERWAYS TRIVIA)

  • Where does the Brazos River begin?
  • How long is the Brazos?
  • Which is longer: the Brazos or Rio Grande?
  •  How many dams on the Brazos? Extra credit: What lakes were created at these dam sites?
  • Possum Kingdom Lake has a lot of shoreline. How much? A) 282 miles, B) 310 miles or C) 357 miles.
  • Lyle Lovette likes to mention the Brazos in his songs. Can you name one?
  • What kind of ship was the USS Brazos?


Brazos River Trivia

Hey, we love Brazos Country--boating, fishing, camping, hiking--there's plenty for everyone. It is the heart of Texas. Play our game--or tell us your favorite Brazos Country story. Send us a picture--we'd like to show others having as much fun as we do in Brazos Country. 

One if by land...(LAND TRIVIA)

  • What city is located in Brazos County?
  • according to legend, John Wilkes Booth lived under an alias in what Central TX town? Clue: the town was named for a Confederate General.
  • Star Wars and Grandbury TX have a unique connection. What is it?


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